Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 1: Whole Wheat Bread

I can bake.... Almost too well at times... But me and my bread machine, well we're fighting! I am DETERMINED to master a whole wheat loaf of bread (with no funky ingredients) in my bread machine. I can make a good loaf without but I want the ease.... I want to make all of our bread from scratch (especially our sandwich bread) and in order to do it and keep it up I need a fast and easy routine.

We dislike the taste or texture of all of the recipes we've tried to date (about a dozen) so I am making my own. Tonight was my first loaf with my own recipe. I think either my yeast needs a little more love or my husband really didn't use his head when he turned on the blender next to the machine to make Orange Julius (just OJ, vanilla, milk & ice)...
I'll post a picture of the "cat bread" below (-; the flavor is spot on; it's soft, fluffy, and just all around amazing!! I'm so onto something here! I just have some fine tuning!

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